The Culture Of Iran

Many people have heard interesting things about Iran. This country is situated in the Middle East and the area itself is more surprising than people usually think. Here one can learn more about the Iranian people, their culture and traditions because this is what makes up the country after all. Read on and find out more interesting information about the Iranian culture and traditions. The Iran culture is said to be a mixture of ancient pre-Islamic culture and Islamic culture as most of us know it. This is certainly a result of the troubled history of Iran. The Iranian culture has been for a long time the predominant culture in this part of the world. Persia, the ancient Iran, used to be one of the most respected kingdoms in the area and Persian used to be considered the language of intellectuals during the 2nd millennium and the language of populace and religion before that. One of the most influential historical periods in Iran was the Sassanid era. During this time the Iranian culture had influenced China, India and even Roman civilization in considerable ways. Moreover, some specialists argue that the Iranian culture has back then also influenced Western Europe and Africa and which can be seen in the Asian and European medieval art. At the same time, the Sassanid Persians are renowned for what is known as Islamic learning, thus areas such as philology, literature, medicine, architecture, sciences and jurisprudence.

The Iranian culture was also influenced by its period of Islamization. Many Islamic rituals are now part of the Iranian tradition and culture and one of the most prevalent ones is the commemoration of Husayn ibn Ali. Every year in the Day of Ashura, most Iranians participate in mourning rituals commemorating the martyrs of the battle of Karbala. Daily life in modern Iran is closely connected to Shia Islam however.

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