Demographics Of Iran

Iran is the home of the Persian culture and its traditions and culture have been shaped throughout centuries of history. This article is meant to provide the readers with an insight into the demographics of Iran as this is one of the main things that make up what a country is in the true sense of the word.

Iran is a diverse country in the Middle East, with unique demographics. The population of Iran is of many religions and they have ethnic backgrounds that have been cemented by the Persian culture. The majority of the Iranian population speaks the Persian language, which is at the same time the official language of Iran. There are however other Iranian languages or dialects that are considered official languages of the country. More importantly, Turkic language and its dialects are spoken in various and multiple parts of the country as well as the Arabic language. According t various estimates, Persian is the most spoken language in the country, followed by Azeri and Kurdish.

Iran demographics are quite uncertain when it comes to the exact ethnic breakdown of the country. There are however several estimations available according to which about 50% of the population of Iran is of Persian origin, about a quarter of Azerbaijani origin and the other quarter is made up by Gilaki, Kurds, Baluchi, Lurs, Turkmeni as well as other ethnic groups. Surprisingly or not, Iran is the host of one of the largest refugee populations in the world, having received within its borders more than a million refugees. Most of the refugees are known to originate from Afghanistan and Iraq.

When it comes to demographics Iran it is also important to consider the religious character of the individuals. It is estimated that 98% of the Iranians are the followers of Islam. Islam in this country is dominated by the Twelyer Shia branch of Islam and which is the official state religion.

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