Fidel Castro About Iran’s Situation

The Cuban communist leader Fidel Castro stated in 2010 that he is convinced that the United States and their ally, Israel, are preparing a strike on Iran, a conflict that, in his opinion, will trigger a new war in the Korean peninsula. Iran is under pressure because of its civilian nuclear program, which, according to the West, hides military objectives. The authorities in Tehran say that the United States and Israel are preparing an attack on Iran, concentrated on their nuclear facilities. The military forces of the two states are concentrated on the military land and air bases in Azerbaijan. The Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thinks that “the United States decided to attack at least two countries in the region”. He is convinced that the United States and Israel will attack Iran, and that what has happened so far, is part of a psychological war. According to Debka agency, some Iranian sources have indicated that somewhere in 2010, Israel had secretly transferred large numbers of jet bombers in bases in Azerbaijan, through Georgia, and the special forces of the United States are also concentrated in the area, being prepared to initiate an attack against Iran. Debka also states that Tehran has declared a state of war at the north-west border, Revolutionary Guard forces being assembled in the Caspian region. Fidel Castro came to the United States Parliament in late July 2010, asking the President not to approve any Israeli attack on Iran. He said that if Obama will start war in Iran “it will cause the death of hundreds of millions of people, including an unknown number of Americans”. Castro believes that an Israel war in Iran is very likely to start this year. Although the American President seems against a war in Iran, Israel still expects orders from the White House. They believe this is the only solution for Iran to terminate their nuclear program.

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