Iran Diplomacy

The diplomacy of Iran and the foreign relations of this country with the rest of the world are most of the times regarded as being controversial. This article aims at discussing Iran diplomacy and the ways in which the Iranian government envisages the country’s foreign relations. Read on and learn more about Iran diplomacy and the status of this country on the international scene.

The Iranian Foreign relations are based on two main strategic principles. One of them is eliminating outside influences in the region and the second involves pursuing extensive diplomatic contacts with developing and non-aligned countries. Ira diplomacy is mainly presented as controversial as a result of the tensions between this country and Israel, a country in the region whose existence is not recognized by Iran. However, generally speaking, The Iran foreign policy consists in maintaining diplomatic relations with most of the members of the United Nations. The only two countries not covered by the Iran foreign relations are Israel and the United States, ever since the Iranian Revolution.

The tensions between Iran and the western society is also a result of the recently developed nuclear program adopted by Iran. Since 2005, the country has been implementing a civil nuclear program which has created fear among western leaders as they think this technology might be diverted towards a weapons program. As a result, Iran was sanctioned by the UN Security Council which has led to an economic isolation on the international scene. The foreign embargo has been tried to be overcome ever since the Iranian Revolution by developing a military industry. Iran thus started producing its own tanks, armored personnel carriers, submarines, radar systems and so on. Iran diplomacy has however to suffer as a result of the impressions that these developments have created for the leaders in the western worlds.

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