About Iran and Saudi Arabia

When it comes to the Middle East and facts about Iran and other Middle Eastern countries many Americans fail to acknowledge these facts and look past the negative stereotypes associated with this part of the world. It is true that Iran and Saudi Arabia have been in a cold war with each other for some time now and while their mutual relationship with each other is often less than agreeable, the two countries have yet to engage in all out war. This can be seen as a ray of hope in the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The two countries have actually shared very peaceful times in past years such as when Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed upon the designation of the islands of Farsi and Arabi in 1966. In the treaty that was drawn up as a result of this conflict, the island of Farsi was designated to Iran while the other island, Arabi, was taken control of by the Saudi Arabians. The Iranian government is also becoming more stable as far as more recent times are concerned. In recent years the country of Iran has been slowly creeping towards democracy and having a more stable form of government.

In addition to the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the relationship between Iran and Iraq has also been strained in the past leading on to the present. The Iran War (or the Iran-Iraq War) is a conflict that lasted for about 8 years and followed the invasion of Iraq into Iran. To start this war Iraq launched both an air and land invasion at the same time in order to gain control of the Iran’s territory and the Iranian government. Before the conflict developed into war there were many border disputes that led up to the invasion of Iran by Iraq.

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