Iran Technology

The controversy surrounding Iran and its international relations are often linked to its technology and science, in particular those related to the nuclear technology. Here one can read more about the ways in which technological development occurred in this country and what other types of technologies are available apart from the nuclear one. Iran science and technology are considered quite developed from the Middle East and one can say that Iranians have managed to combine their technological heritage with the modern era of science in a quite unique way. Providing and keeping water has been available through Qanats and Yakhchal ever since the ancient times. Moreover, watermills have been built and used since the 9th century.

Science in Iran benefits from the international recognition of the Iranian scientists who have contributed to the development of astronomy, natural science, medicine, philosophy and mathematics. Furthermore, it is believed that ethanol, or alcohol how it is commonly known, was identified for the first time by Persian alchemists. The Iran science continued to develop through the Middle Ages, in particular when talking about medicine, mathematics and natural philosophy. It is said that Persia of the 6th and 7th century was the centre for the manufacture of scientific instruments and maintained a good quality reputation until and through the 19th century. Technology in Iran becomes most controversial when it comes to its nuclear program. Iran Science and Technology nuclear program was first launched in the 1950s and has brought the country on the 7th rank worldwide when it comes to the production of uranium hexafluoride. Iran also controls the entire cycle for producing nuclear fuel and at this time its nuclear technology includes facilities such as several research reactors, a uranium mine, and a nuclear reactor. Lastly, Iran owns uranium processing facilities including a uranium enrichment plant.

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