Iranian Cuisine And Gastronomy

There are many things worth to know about a country when trying to learn more about its culture and traditions and food is one of them. Food can reveal hidden aspects of a country’s history and knowing a thing or two about the traditional cuisine in a country of interest is worth when willing to find out more information about that specific state. Here one can read more about the Iranian cuisine and what is specific about the Iranian food. Iranian cuisine is renowned as being diverse as each province in the country features different dishes, culinary traditions and styles which are after all specific to that exact region. Persian cuisine includes a wide range of foods which can vary from chelo kabab which is rice served with roasted meat, khoresht meaning a type of stew served with white basmati, or aash which is a thick kind of soup. More dishes include kookoo, a vegetable soufflé and polo which is a type of white rice served on its own or with meat and/or vegetables and herbs. Persian food is also known for its large variety of salads, pastries, and drinks which are traditional and specific to this country and to this part of the world.

Asian food in general is renowned for its abundance of fresh herbs and the Middle Eastern and consequently Iranian food are no different. The most commonly used fresh green herbs and fruits (frequently used together) include plums, pomegranates, quince, prunes, raisins and apricots. The typical Persian dish features a combination of rice with meat which can be lamb, chicken or fish along with onion, vegetables, herbs and nuts. The flavours most commonly used in Persian cuisine include saffron, dried limes, parsley and cinnamon. The traditional cooking practice involves cooking over an open fire, but other methods include slow cooking, especially when it comes to soups.

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