The Meaning of Jihad

When it comes to war there are many reasons why they start and also many reasons why they keep going over many years. One some occasions a war could be started over religious beliefs. In the western world the word jihad seems to come to mind when there is a war that deals with religion. A jihad is literally translated in the western world as a holy war. This so called holy war is something that the Muslim people do not take very lightly. Their religious book the Quran has the word Jihad scripted in it approximately 41 times. To the Islamic people the word Jihad is more than just a religious war but more of a struggle. A struggle not only to be able to live everyday life but to be able to do so without the persecution that comes from their personal religion choices. A Jihad for a Muslim is part of religion, not just a senseless war. The war that goes on between Israel and Iran can be categorized in many different contexts. One of the main ways is a Jihad. This war between the two goes back hundreds of years to when religion ultimately first started. Some see this as just going back to how things were started and others think that it should be left as it is. Often times when a war ends it does not mean that one side won or that another side lost. It simply means that those that have invested their assets as well as their lives have gained or achieved whatever it is they have been searching for. Sometimes it is a person or group of people while other times it is for those who feel that they have been repressed. When it comes to the Israel Iran war it has come to the religion front.

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