Medical Companies in Iran

When it comes to the healthcare situation in Iran the amount that medical companies and drug companies make in this country is staggering. The value of the medical market in this country exceeds 31 billion dollars annually with many of the profits coming from the various kinds of drugs that can be purchased on the market. This amount of profit also comes from the fact that Iran is one of the most heavily populated areas on the planet. Though there is much profit being made in the healthcare sector by the same people who encourage us to buy some brands on the market the healthcare system is still ranked 58th by the world health organization and this ranking is a ranking of health systems only. The rank of Iran in terms of its place in world healthcare overall is 93rd though this has been improving in recent years. In regards to this the mortality rate among infants has fallen in recent years and at the same time the life expectancy rate has risen. This is seen by many as a sign that Iran is becoming more of a stable nation in terms of having adequate healthcare.

Though many people in Iran choose to get medication from hospital pharmacies, if they can afford it, a significant portion of the population has taken to buying medications that is based in the US because of the rising prices of medications in Iran. This issue is similar to problems all over the globe that people are having with healthcare and getting the proper medication. Many people are fed up with high medication costs and look for the cheapest way to get their medications as they can, but what some people may not know is that this can be dangerous in some cases and it is important to watch out for medications that are not quality.

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