About Us

Stopiranwar.com is a site devoted to promoting peace at a world level, but specially in the middle east. We strongly believe that the solutions will come from using diplomacy instead of military force to resolve conflicts. Even though peace efforts are not a new thing in terms of the world trying to deal with Iran and the many conflicts it has been part of, our site brings a renewed sense of optimism.

We believe that the best way of creating awareness is by providing the world with factual information that will allow people to understand the environment of the region, their leaders, political systems and issues that have been part of their reality for many years. Stopiranwar.com puts a special emphasis on two main aspects that will be approached extensively on this site. The first one is the nuclear ambitions of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that are already very close from being able to produce atomic bombs. In order to do so, history on this aspect is provided. The second topic does not come as a surprise and it is just as controversial and possibly dangerous for the region, the imminent armed conflict that many experts have predicted between Iran and Israel.

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